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Assignment - Water Resource Plan - Water Resource Plan 1...

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Water Resource Plan 1 Assignment: Water Resource Plan SCI/275
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Water Resource Plan 2 Overharvesting of fish throughout the sea has been a long and ongoing issue. “The first artistic depiction of fishing appeared in Egypt and dates to about 2000 B.C.” (National Geographic Channel, 2010). The overfishing issue has been traced back from the 11th century onwards. Depleting the ocean of large reproductive fish has an impact on the depleting population. Warning signs have been present through the depletion of many species throughout history. Growth in technology and more modern equipment has led to a devastating problem in devouring the food resources of the sea. The continuation of overharvesting will contribute to extinction of species, destruction of oceanic ecosystems, limited food source, and economic hardships. Benefitting both the environment and those who rely on the commercial fishing industry is a difficult task. Implementing strict regulations and enforcing the U.N. Fish Stocks Agreement is a very necessary tool to replenish the fish supply of our seas. “The U.N. Fish Stock Agreement (FSA) is an important and helpful agreement because it provides for ecosystem and precautionary approaches to fisheries management.” (Stiefelhagen, 2006). The depletion of fish and other food sources in the sea must stop now. Overfishing contributes to eliminating food supply of other ocean species as well as the supply for humans. Creating a sustainable aquaculture will provide some help in the demand for many food needs throughout the world. Working with the commercial fishing industry to find ways to rebuild fish populations is also a very tremendous benefit. According to Portland Press Herald (2009), [Three nonprofit groups are working with
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Assignment - Water Resource Plan - Water Resource Plan 1...

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