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CheckPoint - Energy Resource Challenges - usually related...

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Energy Resource Challenges 1 CheckPoint: Energy Resource Challenges SCI/275
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Energy Resource Challenges 2 Wind power as an alternative energy source is the process of harnessing the winds energy through wind generators that convert it to electricity. Solar power is the process of collecting sunlight and converting it to electricity through solar panels. Biomass fermentation is the process of converting harvested materials into fuels. Challenges of using and managing renewable energy sources are mostly in cost to consumers and space to produce vast amounts of energy. Although costs have come down dramatically over the years, cost effectiveness is more obtainable when producing huge amounts of energy. Building wind generators and solar panel stations in large scale can take up a lot of space. Finding the most effective materials to harvest fuels in the fermentation process can be difficult. Geothermal energy is another alternative energy source that comes from the natural heat within the Earth’s core. The Earth has an enormous amount of this energy which is
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Unformatted text preview: usually related to volcano’s and underground reservoirs. Geothermal plants are designed to use steam to turn turbines and produce electricity at inexpensive costs. Coal is the most abundant fossil fuel in the World. Oil and natural gas supply approximately 63 percent of the energy used in the United States and 61.5 percent of the Worlds energy. Burning any fossil fuel such as coal, oil, and natural gas produces CO2 which contributes to global warming. Acid deposition also is created and photochemical smog can form. Three common challenges with managing nonrenewable energy resources are pollution, environmental impact, and available amounts. Pollution is created in the production and use of nonrenewable resources. Gathering resources has a devastating Energy Resource Challenges 3 impact on the environment. Non renewable resources are limited in the amounts and will not last forever....
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CheckPoint - Energy Resource Challenges - usually related...

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