Perfection Era - Perfection Era 1 Perfection Era HIS / 115...

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Perfection Era 1 Perfection Era HIS / 115
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Perfection Era 2 The beginning of the 19th century created significant social changes in the United States. Just as the Second Great Awakening had developed huge religious followings and established social and moral values, the Perfection Era contributed to societal changes essential for the equality of women and minorities. The accomplishments made in the sphere of both women and abolitionists was liberating and restraining. Reformation was born in the perfection era and was directly related to the idealism of equality through the divine power and ethics of religion. “The Second Great Awakening unleashed a cascade of reform during the 1820s and 1830s. Middle-class women were prominent in these campaigns, reflecting the profound changes in their social roles wrought by the market economy. Some reformers withdrew from everyday life to create utopian communities; others sought humanitarian reforms such as temperance, education improvement, women’s rights, and – most disruptive to the political system – abolition of slavery.” (Davidson, 2006, p. 313). Westward expansion had created division from spiritual and social unity. Communities were more spread out and lifestyles became somewhat unpredictable in the Wild West. Questions of enlightenment began to flourish causing anxiety to religious and political leaders. Christianity was expanding into several sects and many leaders believed that revivalism would establish moral and social reform. “To usher in the
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Perfection Era - Perfection Era 1 Perfection Era HIS / 115...

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