CheckPoint - Jails - meant for the jail system Housing...

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CheckPoint: Jails CJS/200 The purpose of jails in society is to house those that are awaiting trial or those that have been convicted of a misdemeanor. The responsibility of jails has grown with the increased populations of prisons. Other functions that jails are performing are; temporarily holding of juveniles awaiting transfer to juvenile authorities, holding mentally ill prisoners awaiting transfer to health facilities, detaining parole and probation violators, detaining those that have jumped bail, housing inmates awaiting transfer to federal and state prisons, and running community correction based programs. Many jails have also become an overflow of housing felony convicts because of the prison overcrowding problem. I believe the current system is effective to a degree. Jails still have the ability to function in the manner of the primary reason for their establishment. The added responsibilities however, may cause them to be less effective in the performance that was
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Unformatted text preview: meant for the jail system. Housing felony prisoners within a jail may create a more violent environment and cause catastrophic issues. Jails were not established to hold the mentally ill or other offenders that require special attention. The issue of a jail not having adequate resources could cause problems in dealing with these type prisoners or detainees. Overcrowding of prisons and poor resources has presented a very overwhelming dilemma. Society does not have much choice other than allowing jails to take on the added responsibility. The question that arises and must be answered is, where does it end? The overcrowding of prisons is an ongoing issue that continues to grow and the jails can only handle so much of the overflow. One thing is for sure and that is, society and the government need to find a resolution together....
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CheckPoint - Jails - meant for the jail system Housing...

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