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AMH 2010 Honors Research Paper Stages and Guidelines Progress Reports: 1 typed page detailing work on research paper, including Intent of research to this point Major findings Significant successes and problems during research Plans for future research based on progress to this point Research Question: First-choice paper topic phrased as the question you are trying to answer Paragraph explaining your choice, your expected findings, and your intended methods Second-choice, alternate question Rough Draft: A complete draft of final paper. Typed and as clean a copy as possible (weed out typos, etc) Developed thesis, clear organization, appropriate citations In other words, “rough” doesn’t mean “raw” Final Paper: 10-12 typed, double-spaced pages of text
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Unformatted text preview: Title page with name, course number, and creative title A maximum 20% of sources can be internet-based; USE THE LIBRARY! Formal footnote citations (example is in Writing Guide) Clear organization, mature style, and developed thesis statement that reveals the answer you found in your research Detailed references from sources (dont merely summarize) Bulk of evidence to prove your answer should come from primary sources, not secondary summaries You paper must deal with material from the time frame of the courseroughly pre-Columbian through the end of the Civil War in 1865but it can be related to ANY theme within that time, so think creatively. Try skimming through the reading or PowerPoint slides for ideas, or talk with me....
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