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AMH 2010 Honors DA 1 Assignment DUE Thur 5/21 4-5 typed pages (of text) / Title page with a creative title, DA 1, AMH 2010 Honors, your name Against historical and contemporary odds, the American Revolution successfully broke American colonial ties to Britain in the late 18 th century. However, among the 2.5 million people living in England’s 13 American colonies in 1776, only an elite minority of political thinkers and urban businessmen heartily backed the idea of physical revolution, and were willing to accept the grim consequences if it failed. Most American colonists, free and slave, were willing to endure British rule in exchange for a peaceful existence. But by December of 1776, the bulk of the Continental Army was comprised of farmers, seamen, traders, frontiersmen, and other common Americans who volunteered to take on the seasoned, imposing British army and navy. What convinced them liberty was worth their lives? And why did some never support the Revolution? Part of the answer was Thomas Paine’s
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