WEEK 3--The Covenant T&O

WEEK 3--The Covenant T&O - AMH 2010 Terms and...

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AMH 2010 Terms and Outline WEEK 3:: The Covenant: Community in the New World I. Won’t you be my neighbor?: Bacon’s Rebellion and the Meaning of Community in Colonial America II. Compacts and Charters: Colonial Government A. House of Burgesses 1611, Th. Gates— Lawes Divine, Moral, and Martiall John Rolfe, Pocahontas 1618, Sir Edwyn Sandys—“headright” policy “rights of Englishmen” General Assembly of Virginia B. The Mayflower Compact Mayflower Wampanoag—Squanto 1639, General Court C. Puritan Theocracy Arbella, Boston Freemen bicameral Roger Williams—Narrangansetts, Rhode Island Anne Hutchinson—“covenant of grace” v. “covenant of works,” antinomian Winthrop: “a special manifestation of divine justice” III. Fear, Enlightenment, and Awakening: Social Ferments A. Salem Witchcraft Trials (Atlantic phenomenon) 1. Context Salem Village / Salem Town 2. Historiography Rationalist, romantic, functionalist 3. Crisis Rev. Samuel Parris, Tituba Doctor Æ Parents—Girls; Ann Putnam, Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne
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WEEK 3--The Covenant T&O - AMH 2010 Terms and...

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