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Takaki Chapter 6 Study Questions A. Describe the structural changes in Ireland’s economy fostered by 1. British enclosure movement. The Irish described England’s control as “enslaving”, many Irish believed that this was the single reason why so many emigrated to the US. 2. The increase in exports to England. The Irish were “forced” to export livestock to England, and they could only live on “buttermilk and potatoes”. The exports were needed by England in manufacturing processes. 3. The potato famine. When a virus struck potato crops, more than 40% of them were destroyed. They Irish were still exporting livestock (with all of it being able to feed about half of Ireland). Without food, you can’t live. B. Describe the immigrant Irish experience: How many left Ireland for the U.S.? What types of jobs did they initially find? Describe their wages and working conditions for first generation women and men.
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