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aggregated study guide-page2 - November 8 2011 A What...

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November 8, 2011 A. What economic conditions and political events motivated Anglos (settlers and military to establish control over what is now Texas? The Market Revolution extended the Cotton Kingdom into Tejas. The Mexican government also outlawed slavery, and this angered many Americans living in Tejas. They revolted and Mexico sent troops to protect, war waged. B. Which of California’s characteristics made it an attractive target for U.S. expansion? It was an important source of raw material for the Market Revolution. California also had strategic harbors, that President Polk said would afford shelter for the US’ navy. C. Describe the specific legal and political mandates affecting the ability of Mexicans to earn wages and/or accumulate wealth after “settlement” by the Anglos. 1. Give specific examples of measures taken by Anglos to limit the ability of Mexicans to own land. In New Mexico, only 2 million of 33 million acres claimed were granted by the white (Anglo) legal officials. Many of the Mexican land owners had to fight for their
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