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low-interest loans. They were a fierce determination to claim their right in “occupied” Mexico. Takaki Chapter 8: Searching for gold mountain: study questions November 8, 2011 A. Describe 3 reasons Chinese workers left China n the late 1860-1930? 1. Many Chinese sought sanctuary from the intense conflict of the Opium Wars. Many were also fleeing peasant rebellions. There were also harsh economic conditions; floods had ravaged the nation. Also, many Chinese could earn much better wages in America than they could in China. B. What was the credit-ticket system? A Chinese person would borrow the money necessary to come to America from a broker, and pay of the loan plus interest when he got a job in America. C. Describe the living and working conditions of the groups in California. Include in your answer some of the main industries and occupations, some of the legal and political challenges they faced. (Hint: how had they “built the agricultural industry;” Why did they (eventually) “retreat into self
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