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merchants. Once welcomed, the Chinese eventually became victims of racism and racial violence. F. How were the experiences of this group different than for other immigrants? Other people of color? In what ways were they similar? Explain your answer using one example (in each case: similarity & difference). The Irish also worked on railroads and had similar jobs – job conditions were also bad for both. Different – generally, the Irish weren’t excluded from coming into America. They were welcomed and generally didn’t face any racism where the Chinese faced (eventually) great racism and racial inequality. Takaki 9 Study questions A. In “Transitions”, the introduction to this part of the book, Takaki describes the end of the frontier and the expansion of manufacturing and construction (in the late 1800s). He gives many details on the effects of economic expansion on workers. Given the expansion in jobs, why was there so little job security? There was overproduction in the manufacturing industry, therefore the
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