ps4 - (NBASAL.XLS) marr wage exper age coll games minutes...

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Professor Tanya Molodtsova ECON 420 Office: Rich 319 Econometrics E-mail: [email protected] Fall 2011 Problem Set 4 Due on Tuesday, November 22 1. Do computer exercises C4.1 (i) – (iii) and C6.6 (i) – (v) in Wooldridge. The data is in the file vote1.xls. 2. Do computer exercise C7.10. The data is in the file nbasal.xls. Data Description for Question 1: (VOTE1.XLS) state district democA voteA expendA expendB prtystrA lexpendA lexpendB shareA Obs: 173 1. state state postal code 2. district congressional district 3. democA =1 if A is democrat 4. voteA percent vote for A 5. expendA campaign expends. by A, $1000s 6. expendB campaign expends. by B, $1000s 7. prtystrA % vote for president 8. lexpendA log(expendA) 9. lexpendB log(expendB) 10. shareA 100*(expendA/(expendA+expendB))
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Data Description for Question 2:
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Unformatted text preview: (NBASAL.XLS) marr wage exper age coll games minutes guard forward center points rebounds assists draft allstar avgmin lwage black children expersq agesq marrblck Obs: 269 1. marr =1 if married 2. wage annual salary, thousands $ 3. exper years as professional player 4. age age in years 5. coll years played in college 6. games average games per year 7. minutes minutes per season 8. guard =1 if guard 9. forward =1 if forward 10. center =1 if center 11. points points per game 12. rebounds rebounds per game 13. assists assists per game 14. draft draft number 15. allstar =1 if ever all star 16. avgmin minutes per game 17. lwage log(wage) 18. black =1 if black 19. children =1 if has children 20. expersq exper^2 21. agesq age^2 22. marrblck marr*black...
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ps4 - (NBASAL.XLS) marr wage exper age coll games minutes...

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