Self test questions to answer for Econometrics Exam 2

Self test questions to answer for Econometrics Exam 2 - 15....

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1. Formula for t test 2. How is CI constructed 3. When are all variables significant 4. What is elastic demand 5. What is the difference btwn t test and particular f test 6. When do you reject null 7. What is diff btwn 1 and 2 sided test a. What cv do you look at 8. What are the p value rejection rules 9. What determines goodness of fit 10. What is the formula for f test 11. When do we reject null in f test 12. What are the steps for the tests 5 steps 13. What is q 14. How do you do f test in stata
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Unformatted text preview: 15. How do you test for covariance in stata . what is the command 16. What is a restricted variable 17. How do you cmpute the f statistic restricted model 18. What is the normal distribution 19. What are the commands for the white test a. What do you look for in output 20. Test statistic skewness formla 21. How can you find the critical interval a. Acceptance and rejection reigon b. 22....
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