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1. A. Estimation Results: Intercept= -.172938 Q 2=.166056 Q3=.0645178 Q4= .1220743 Q5= .381975 Q6= .2935486 B. R squares=.69392.4 This means that 69.4% of satisfaction can be explained by these attributes. C. Overall Satisfaction= -.173+.166 selection+.065 price+ .122 quality+ .382 consultant+ .294 atmosphere. Consultants and atmosphere have the most significant impact. 2. Likelihood to Recommend= -.254+ .160 selection+ .094 price+ .270 quality+ .416 consultants + .412 atmosphere. Atmosphere and consulting show as the most important factors. R squared is .581. 3. Buyers: R squared=.653 Satisfaction buyers= -.095 + .150 selection+ .078 price+ .123 quality + .360
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Unformatted text preview: consultants+ .298 atmosphere. For non R squared is .702. Satisfaction= -.167+ .176 selection+ .034 price+ .095 quality+ .423 consultants+ .282 atmosphere. Consultants play the largest role for both buyers and buyers, but they play a larger role for those that don’t buy at David Bridal. Quality is also very important attribute. It is very important for the buyers as opposed to the non buyers at David Bridal. 4. As we can see from all of our data consultants and atmosphere are very important. I would hire on more consultants, or I might put some of my finances into training my consultants to become even more influential....
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