Prelim 1 Review Guide - REVIEW GUIDE FOR BIOG 110 PRELIM #1...

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REVIEW GUIDE FOR BIOG 110 PRELIM #1 You have a number of resources to help you prepare for Prelim #1. Each of the following is posted on the BioG110 Blackboard site. Potential Prelim essay questions written by Professor Wayne (recall 2 of the 5 questions listed will appear on the Prelim) Lecture Note summaries written by Liz [Senior Lecturer] This Prelim review guide written by Liz At this point, you should use the ppt lectures as a reference source (much as you would a text book) to help you find the answers for all the questions listed in the above files. The remainder of this review guide will serve as an outline of key terms and concepts you should know. The “transcribed” lecture note summaries (mentioned above) will be a good source for key concept summaries. 1. How did life first begin on Earth [are there different theories? If so What are they]. a. Spontaneous Generation-Pasture proved there was no spontaneous generation using his swan shaped flask. b. Panspermia (seeds everywhere) Svente Arrhenius (1908) c. Big Bang Theory (13 billion years ago) 2. Life on Earth is composed of Carbon based organic molecules [recall organic molecules includes Lipids, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Nucleic Acids] – where did this important life element (carbon) originate? a. Carbon, as well as hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, helium and oxygen were all created in the interiors of stars. 3. What is the relationship between proteins & nucleic acids {is one dependent upon the other in some way}? a. ???????? 4. Why are proteins so important? What are their different functions? a. Proteins act as enzymes that speed up reactions. They aid in reactions by reducing the amount of energy that would be needed if they weren’t present. b. Proteins subunits are amino acids. The bonds of the amino acids determine the shape of the protein. And the shape determines their function.
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c. Enzymes-amylase- promotes he breakdown of starch to the simple sugar d. Structural proteins-keratin, collagen, hair, wool, nails, horns, hoofs, tendons, cartilage e. Hormones-insulin, glucagons- regulates use of blood surgar f. Contractile proteins, storage proteins, transport proteins, immunological proteins, Toxins. 5. Why are Nucleic Acids so valuable as the “keepers” of the genetic code? Why them and not one of the other groups of organic compounds. a. Because it is both an information baring molecule and a catalytic molecule that can replicate itself. 6.
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Prelim 1 Review Guide - REVIEW GUIDE FOR BIOG 110 PRELIM #1...

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