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Libby Pirinis Christianity Site Report On Sunday November 2 nd Naomi and I went to the Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church at 11:00 am. As this was the date of All Souls Day, the ceremony included a commemoration of those who had passed away this year. After the names of the deceased were read aloud, a ritual ringing of a bell followed in their honor. The church was very large with a high ceiling. This seemed to correspond with the idea that this church structure helps to focus the attention on the higher power of God in the kingdom of heaven. In Methodist worship however, the Holy Spirit is of equal importance, meaning that the divine is present within every person who is baptized. The bible was included in every stall so that everyone had access to the hymns and texts that were used in the ceremony. At the front of the room stood two pastors (wearing black robes with white clothes draped around their necks) standing at the podium to the side. The choir members were seated to the sides of the stage. A large cross was at the front of the room, one that did not display Jesus’ crucifixion. This was interesting to me as with The Catholic Church (a dominant branch of Christianity), the main focus is on Jesus’ crucifixion and death. This reminded me of what we learned about the Liberal theology. They preach that Jesus meant to teach us about pacifism through his crucifixion and show violence for what it really is. They believe that focusing on this violent aspect of Christ’s death justifies violence which they do not agree with. They hold to the fact that Jesus came to
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Christianity Site Report - Libby Pirinis Christianity Site...

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