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Libby Pirinis Buddhist Site Report The site that we decided to visit was the Deprung Loseling Monastery which practices the Tibetan Gelugpa tradition of Buddhism. This is recognized as being the tradition of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. We visited the Monastery on the first Sunday of the month which is when a special session is held including a speech from Geshe Lobsang Tenzin (who is the Spiritual Director of the Monastery), a guided mediation period, a question and answer period and then a reception. The purpose of the session was to introduce the basics of meditation as to inform newcomers about the process involved in meditating correctly. We attended this session on Sunday October 5 th from 11:00 to 1:00. I went with Naomi and Yuri and remained with them throughout the session. When we pulled up to the Monastery, I admired the bright colors that decorated the building like orange, red, yellow, blue and green. There were simple geometric patterns that lined the walls and the entrance was decorated with two large colorful tassels on either side of the front door. When we walked into the building, we entered a common room where people were waiting for the session to begin. Past this area was a little room where everyone could put their shoes once they look them off (which was required prior to entering the meditation room). This common area was colored primarily white and did not contain many decorations, looking like a neutral area. There was however a long table against the wall with brochures and information about the Monastery and the events that they were hosting in the future. A little while past 11:00 we were led into a large room that was extremely brightly lit. There were large windows on the walls on either sides of the room. The sun was shining in from outside, allowing the natural light to flow into the room. This helped in creating a cheerful and serene atmosphere. There was a slightly elevated stage in the front of the room that was heavily decorated with various religious charms. In the middle of the stage was a representation of a golden Buddha sitting crossed legged in the meditating position. This very much resembled the position that he sat in when he reached enlightenment or Nirvana under the Bodhi tree. He was sitting on what looked like a throne, placing a significant emphasis on Buddha’s greatness in the moment that he reached Nirvana. Surrounding this Buddha were colorful pillows and antique desks that seemed to hold Buddhist charms. There were also pictures hung up showing different traditions and celebrations of Buddhism. I was unable to match up any of the decorations and pictures with any traditions and rituals that I am familiar with. Many of them seemed to be directly associated with Tibetan culture or tradition. The room in general was full of pillows and mats that people could use to get in the
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Buddhist site report - Libby Pirinis Buddhist Site Report...

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