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REL 100 Christianity Study Guide - • Satisfaction Theory...

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Study Guide for Test on Christianity Be able to describe/define/identify the following in just a few sentences: Parable Gospel (“good news” of the message)/gospel (genre) Samaritans Essenes Zealots Sadducees Pharisees The essence of Jesus’ message—it’s two parts High/Low Christology Sola scriptura Second Baptism Justification Sanctification Sin Trinity Original Sin Synoptic Gospels Q Edict of Milan Augustine Constantine The Great Schism Martin Luther John Calvin Be able to describe dates, Christology, themes, agenda, probable socio-cultural situation and influences of: The writings of Paul Mark Matthew Luke John Be able to describe the theory and explain some of the history of the following (theories of the atonement): The Ransom Theory
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Unformatted text preview: • Satisfaction Theory • Moral Theory • The Penal Theory • Liberal Theories Be able to describe in very basic detail the following periods in the history of the church as they were described in class: • The Ancient Church • The Christian Empire • The Early Middle Ages • The High Point of the Middle Ages • The Late Middle Ages • Conquest and Reformation Be able to describe the following broad groups of Christians in the US: • Liberalism • Evangelicalism o Holiness Movement o Fundamentalism o Pentecostalism o Charismatics Also be prepared to be tested on the reading where I will phrase the questions in a way that test what you know (and whether you read) as opposed to testing you on details that you may or may not know....
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REL 100 Christianity Study Guide - • Satisfaction Theory...

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