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Unformatted text preview: Relationships, Communication and Human Sexuality Response Paper Due: Week of 11/10/2008 in lab Description: This assignment asks you to reflect on relationships, communication and human sexuality. Please pick ONE of the three topics listed below and write a two page reflection paper, in essay format, addressing how the issue affects your personal health choices and behaviors. Please refer to Chapter Five in Health: The Basics for help with the assignment. (50 points) 1. Discuss the following: a. Discuss common elements of good relationships. b. What are some warning signs of trouble? c. What actions can you take to improve your own interpersonal relationships? 2. Many people find comfort in the feminine and masculine gender scripts dictated by social norms. Many other people are made uncomfortable by them. Many people accept their gender roles. Many people don't. They people are made uncomfortable by them....
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