Chanel & Calvin Klein

Chanel & Calvin Klein - We conducted a consumer brand...

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We conducted a consumer brand analysis using the Simmons and Simply Map databases. Our focus is in the category Health and Beauty Aids, more specifically, Perfume, Cologne and Toilet Water any last 12 months. To understand what type of consumers who use these products, we looked specifically at two leading brands in the perfume market: Chanel and Calvin Klein. These databases provided data about consumer demographics, psychographics and the geographic strengths and weaknesses of different brands, allowing us to determine the core users of each brand and develop positioning statement for each. Demographics: Calvin Klein: When looking at Simmons for Calvin Klein, we saw that both females and males were using the perfume, with a slightly higher index towards males. The majority of users are aged 18-44, with a specific focus on the 25-39 group. They over-index for Black, Asian or some other race. Most of these consumers have never married or are currently separated from their spouses. The highest level of education that they have completed is 9-11 th grade as they have not graduated high school. Following this is a significant number of them who are in their 3 rd year of college. The consumers in this group are full time students, have never worked or are temporarily employed. Following this is a customer base that is employed full time. Those who are employed have an individual employment income of less than $5000 or $20,000-35,000. Chanel:
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Chanel & Calvin Klein - We conducted a consumer brand...

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