Reflection Paper 1

Reflection Paper 1 - Yujie Zhang Reflection Paper As my own...

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Yujie Zhang Reflection Paper As my own OB-related experience, which took place at the second class on this course, I made an insightful observation within a team discussion. We were randomly assigned a group with teammates we had only known for two weeks. In this particular interactive, we were given a small case “Bomb Shelter” with 15 minutes discussion to individually rank those people according to their relative importance in the event that will need to be given access to the bomb shelters. After we had ranked them individually, a crucial point in my observation was that one of our team members took control of the team. He made an attempt to stimulate a group discussion by asking the group what we had ranked at first, which didn’t stimulate much talking since we all almost came up with the same ideas. As we continued, the ranking conflict arose as the team started to differ in different thinking. He began to impose his opinion upon rest of the group by explaining the rational logic behind every choice he made. One of our group members, even I intended to intervene and tried to establish a discussion from our viewpoints but the talk was quickly finished. He did not take into account the opinions of the other members and thus the goal of the team shifted to his personal one. I noticed that all other members and I weren’t unhappy with his control but nothing else was said. We remained silent and followed his lead, which sounded reasonable regarding his choice of the ranking, to avoid conflict. This issue is multifaceted. The problem comes both from himself as well as from the
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Reflection Paper 1 - Yujie Zhang Reflection Paper As my own...

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