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Unformatted text preview: Reflection Paper Yujie Zhang By studying organizational behavior this quarter, I understand that organization is not only an institution as it is, but it consists of hundreds or thousands of people collaborating together to perform their same ultimate task or goal of the organization. Organization basically relies on individual to develop and produce products, provide services and etc. So, as a manager, understanding individual could definitely help produce quality work and help employees and manager create a more enriching work environment. Also, organization increasingly relies on project teams, product development teams and virtual teams to be productive and efficient in rapidly changing domestic and global markets. And team performance is about communication, understanding, trust, difference and diversity. Team leaders need to know how to get the most productivity and the best performance from every team member contributing to organization. However, should management try and implement a way of leadership that most of the employees are not familiar with will then lead to conflict. It always happens regardless of any kind of organizations and how well the management had been done. Usually, team conflict is the most common phenomenon in an organization, which prevents the management had been done....
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