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Unformatted text preview: Making SMaL Big: SMaL Camera Technologies 01/18/2011 Charles Daniel Bremnathan 0102-735-71 This case illustrates a startup firm SMaL Camera Technologies that created a disruptive technology but made some bad decisions failing to get high revenues from commercializing its product: It did not build on internal marketing capabilities and also decided against in-house manufacturing and distribution. Startups must be managed very differently and their management has to make important choices in the first few years of operation that determines the firm’s direction. Though startups are at a disadvantage (resources, visibility and age) when it comes to commercializing disruptive technology, they also have significant advantages over larger and stronger firms(1), who rarely go disruptive and prefer market-pull strategies (2). They can maintain low visibility till they have all the resources, manufacturing and distribution facilities in place, then hit the market; first entering a niche market making less profits and then going mainstream. Almost all disruptive technologies have worked that way – typewriters to computers, beepers to mobile phones, digital...
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