SMaL - Carlin Alcantara February 17, 2010 MNGT 620 Case...

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Carlin Alcantara February 17, 2010 MNGT 620 Case Study #1 Making SMaL Big: SMaL Camera Technologies Startup companies have to make very important choices throughout their first few years in the business. Developing and selling the right product are only the first steps in the challenging business world that companies face today. SMaL Camera Technologies was a startup company that produced highly innovative technology capabilities for cameras. Though they had a very good product and did very well in their first year of sales, they eventually ran into challenging choices that could affect the entire future of the company. Faced with challenging decisions early in its beginning stages the company made several poor decisions that steered them away from possible opportunities. “SMaL Camera Technologies produced a technology that allowed a camera to use minimal battery life during usage, and improved the image capabilities of the camera through a technology called Autobright” (Christensen, 351). Autobright would allow a camera to adjust an image to changing light conditions so that a picture will not come out too light or too dark. With this technology they developed a very small camera called the Ultra-Pocket which showed huge opportunities for growth, because no one in the market could provide both capabilities. The only problem the company faced is that the quality of the picture could not meet the current expectations in the market due to the size of the camera. SMaL’s camera can be categorized as a disruptive technology because it is cheaper, lower quality, and provides a different function in comparison to the market. Therefore, when faced with disruptive technologies companies feel like they need to improve in order to survive, and that’s the situation in which SMaL Camera Technologies appears to have been in 2003. Early in its development, the company was forced to make a decision that it was not ready for and reacted without enough information. Advisors of the company wanted fast growth and large amounts of capital to be produced by a very small company. If the advisors and the
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SMaL - Carlin Alcantara February 17, 2010 MNGT 620 Case...

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