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Swatch Case - SwatchCase Yujie Zhang The success of Swatch...

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Yujie Zhang The success of Swatch can be summarized by four factors by its outstanding brand positioning. For each of these factors, Swatch differs in a fundamental way from earlier watches. 1. New concept of design Swatch is very different from earlier watches. It can be seen as a new concept of watch which is casual, fun, fashionable at affordable and approachable prices. -Witty, outlandish designs using brash, intense colors: attractive, cheeky and good fun -Wide variety of models and model collections changed frequently -Hardest for others to copy 2. Unique characteristics It is clear that its low price is a major asset, which made it possible by overhauling the manufacturing process, then lead to low production costs. It is also important to mention that as far as quality is concerned, Swatch was superior to its competitors in this price segment. This low price, which has stayed the same for 25 years, combined with the bold designs and colors, resulted in impulsive purchase behavior by consumers. 3. Unique message The unique message of Swatch was another determining factor. This message was created by special way of promotion, marketing and distribution. Hayek opted for a high profile advertising approached, combined with unorthodox promotional stunts, special events and product placements. Examples of this approach were full – page adding in magazines, the attachment of a giant watch to the tallest skyscraper in Frankfurt and celebrity endorsements. The company also created a Swatch collectors club for its most ardent fans. Another way of distinguishing Swatch from other brands was the unconventional retail approach, for example, the Veggie Swatch line was sold in fruit and vegetable stores. All this together gave Swatch a very specific image, which could be summarized as
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Swatch Case - SwatchCase Yujie Zhang The success of Swatch...

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