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Ontological Security notes - will no longer feel as a wife...

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1.) Biological birth vs. existential birth (ontological security) Existential birth– the experience of being real and having a place or mattering in the world. *Page 43. The individual may experience his ……… Most of us are ontologically secure according to Laing. Ontological security is developed in one through the confirmation of others. How ontological security is obtained: Complimentary identity Your sense of identity is established through others taking an identity in relation to you that confirms your sense of identity. Example: you cannot be a husband without having a wife. If you married your husband but then got divorced and no longer are involved in his/her life, you
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Unformatted text preview: will no longer feel as a wife or husband to your partner. You must feel accepted and involved in order to fit the need to feel as if you are a husband or wife. The identity of being a husband or a wife to your partner is taking care and showing love and affection to him/her. This is just one, as Laing says there are all kinds of identities. One needs others in order to develop and maintain their identity. 2.) Ontological security established via the confirmation of others 3.) Collusion + social phantasy systems...
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