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Number of values: 19 Number of suits: 8 your numbers here: response: Royal Flush 8 RIGHT!!! Six of a Kind 532 YEAH!!! Straight Flush 104 THAT'S IT!!! Five of a Kind 153216 CORRECT-AMUNDO!!! Flush 216944 THEY SHOOT, THEY SCORE!!! Two Triples 536256 YOU GO, GIRL!!! Four and a Pair 670320 IT'S A COMBINATORICS FEST, AND YOU'RE THE LIFE OF THE PARTY!!! Straight 3669904 EX-CELLENT, SIMPSON!!! Four of a Kind 13023360
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Unformatted text preview: BOOM!!! Three Pairs 21271488 BY GEORGE, I THINK THEY'VE GOT IT!!! Three-Two-One 72930816 THREE . . . TWO . . . ONE . . . BLASTOFF!!! Three of a Kind 444530688 NAILED IT!!! Two Pairs 1166893056 TAKE A VICTORY LAP!!! Nothing 7108604048 YEAH!! THAT'S THE TICKET!! One Pair 6667960320 YEE-HAWWWW!!! TOTAL 15500461060 THE TOTAL LOOKS GOOD!!...
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