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1 ENGR2860U FLUID MECHANICS HOMEWORK # 2-SOLUTIONS Assignment Date: Thursday, 18 February 2010 Due Date: Sunday, 28 February 2010 (11:00 am latest) 1) Determine the new differential reading along the inclined leg of the mercury manometer as shown below, if the pressure in pipe A is decreased 10 kPa and the pressure in pipe B remains unchanged. The fluid in A has a specific gravity of 0.9 and the fluid in B is water.
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2 2) A rectangular gate having a width of 5 ft is located in the sloping side of a tank as shown in the figure. The gate is hinged along its top edge and is held in position by the force P. Friction at the hinge and the weight of the gate can be neglected. Determine the required value of P. 3) A 3-m-wide, 8-m-high rectangular gate is located at the end of a rectangular passage that is connected to a large open tank filled with water as shown in Fig. P2.57. The gate is hinged at its bottom and held closed by a horizontal force, F H , located at the center of the gate. The maximum
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