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week 2 Heredity and Hormones David Griffin

week 2 Heredity and Hormones David Griffin - As we grow...

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As we grow older, the body and mind go through some amazing changes at each stage of our lives. From childhood to adulthood, the body goes through some changes that will make up what we will become and how life will affect us. Through hormones and genetics, the body will go through some changes that will effect on how we think and react to situations in our lives. When we are born, we get DNA from our parents that will help shape us to who we are. With all the system that is in the human body, the Endocrine system and the Endocrine glands are used the most in the development process. They produce hormones, which are chemical substances that are released into the blood stream. They help in the processes of metabolism, growth, and sexual development; they are also involved in the regulating of emotional life. Throughout life, these glands help with alertness, excitability, sexual behavior, concentration, aggressiveness, and reactions to stress. The most life changing and when the glands do the most
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