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David Griffin BEH 225 Debbie Pearce Barvo Axia College University of Phoenix When it comes to managers and the people that they manage, it is sometimes hard to motivate them in the right way that is appropriate and that is going to get proper motivation. There are a number of techniques and skills that can be learned to get the right motivation in your employees. Then there just skills that a person has that are not learned, but just seem to come naturally that it makes their employees want to do a good job. One thing is for sure that unless you treat your employees right and with the proper respect you are not going to get 110% or even half that from them too. There is two techniques that a manger can use to try to motivate his or hers team, but one is really the key one. The one that I am refereeing to is called intrinsic motivation. With intrinsic, the motivation comes from the person, not from anywhere else; they want to do a good job because they get enjoyment of doing a good job. In order to achieve such
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Unformatted text preview: motivation in your team would be to think of them as that “your Team” not as just employees. Treat them with the respect that they are entitled to and praise them when they do a good job and show them how valuable they are to the company. Another thing is to lead by an example, if you enjoy what you are doing then that will reflect on your employees and they will enjoy it as well. With the other technique, it can be useful but sometimes it could not be the right motivation too. Extrinsic is a motivation that you get an award for doing something. For example, a person will get an allowance because they take out the trash or their chores. Even though they are doing the job, the only reason they are though is to get that reward, not that they want too. To me it seems more of a bribe than more of a motivation, and I have witness that it is not the greatest tool for motivating employees....
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