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David Griffin BEH 225 Debbie Pearce Barvo Axia College University of Phoenix The person that I will be interviewing is a female that is a friend of my sister and mine. Her age is 28 and has two adorable little girl’s ages four and two. She is a mix of Hispanic and white heritage. She is in school herself getting her degree in business management. The list of questions that I would like to ask her are: 1. How well to you handle stressful situations? 2. If you saw a stranger walking behind you in an alley, what would be the first thing you do? 3. What is the first thing you remember? 4. When you get mad, what is the first thing you do? 5. When frustrated what is the first thing that comes to your head? 6. What do you think contributed in the development of your personality?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. When studying, do you prefer the library, or at home, where there are distractions and noises? 8. When remembering information, do you prefer observing what to do or do you prefer to read on how something is done? 9. After taking the Myers Briggs test, what do you think about the results? 10. Do you think that a person’s race, gender, ethnicity play a role in how their personality and attitudes are forming? 11. Do you think your motivation when doing tasks is intrinsically or extrinsically? Before doing this checkpoint, I made it a point to make sure that I would be able to ask my friend about her personality and attitudes. I got her full permission. In fact, I got her permission long before hand....
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