week 7 check point evaluation and judgement David Griffin

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David Griffin BEH 225 Debbie Pearce Barvo Axia College University of Phoenix What are the different ways in which we evaluate people? When we are evaluating someone people will look at a number of things that society says that is needed to find out about that person. The impressions that some makes has us either to accept them or to not accept them into our social lives. Then according to the primary effect, the first impression is the most crucial. If someone was to act like an immature adult when you first meet him or her then it is most likely that they are going to be like that all the time, or it would appear that way when you go by nothing but the first impression. Then you have people that will judge you with simplistic concepts such as stereotype. Then you have how a person acts or their attitudes. When talking to someone you can get a glimpse into what they might be like when finding things out about them or how they feel about certain things. Then you have what is getting a feel for someone, which is when you
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