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week 9 final personality interview BEH 225 David Griffin

week 9 final personality interview BEH 225 David Griffin -...

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WHAT DETERMINES A PERSON’S PERSONALITY When it comes to our personalities there are many factors that are a contributor to who and what we will become. Some theorist, psychotherapists, and psychologists believe that where a person grows up is how their personality will be. Then you have some that say that it is the experiences in our lives that dictate how our personalities will turn out. Some even think that it is just in our DNA and that’s what determines who we are and how we react to situations, that we are born with certain genes from our parents and that a person is going to act like or react the same as the parents once did. I think that those findings are all correct and that they all collide to make up our personalities. Every little thing that happens to us whether it is big or small will have an effect on how we turn out as adults and how our personality develops. I did an interview with my friend Lisa, she is a 27-year-old female with two children-two little girls’ ages 2 and 4- she lives with her mom and her sister. Lisa is going to school to get her degree in business management. She is married but she does not live her husband, they live in two different cities. Lisa’s father also does not live with, but she does visits him when she can. The series of questions that I had asked Lisa were to find out about what she thinks her personality comes from and to see her perspective on how to deal with certain situations. The first question that I asked her was. 1. How well do you handle stressful situations? Her response was that she could handle them pretty well; they give her motivations to get things done. She is the type that as long as she does not needs to handle with emotional stress then she is all right. When she has to deal with emotions or emotional stress, she tends to just let it all bottle up until it explodes.
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Page 2 of 6 David Griffin BEH 225 Debbie Pearce Barvo Axia College University of Phoenix For me the way that I handle stressful situations is to not let it get to me right then, especially when I have to get a job or task done. I take that energy and use it to my advantage. For example, during “Black Friday” (the day after Thanksgiving sale) I would be the manager on duty up front making sure that things run as smoothly as possible. I will tell you that as a manager it will test your strength, patience, and sanity to the limits. It is the most stressed situation that I do not wish
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week 9 final personality interview BEH 225 David Griffin -...

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