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Fair Game Sheet 2 - -PSYCHOLOGY 1 - Introduction to...

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-PSYCHOLOGY 1 -- Introduction to Psychology Tentative FAIR-GAME SHEET - MIDTERM EXAM History and Research Methods Major philosophical quandaries: -mind-body or mind-brain problem how experience relates to brain, why do we have conscious minds? -dualism / monism dualism the brain and the mind are separate and the mind controls the brain, physical and mental are different aspects of reality; Rene Descartes - Catholic Church – body was the temple of mind; medicine limited b/c body was temple interactionism; psychophysical parallelism at birth God fused human soul to human body; at point body traced soul and body was going to unfold in radio playing dif tunes; same radio monism – conscious thought and physical brain are inseparable, physical and mental are one according to scientists; idealism- all is thought; like drinking imaginary water to fulfill imaginary thirst materialism-all is physical; everything is material; atoms; telling myself I have ideas - free will vs. determinism free will - belief that behavior is caused by a person’s independent decisions
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Fair Game Sheet 2 - -PSYCHOLOGY 1 - Introduction to...

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