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Fair Game Sheet 4

Fair Game Sheet 4 - Pitch and frequency Loudness and...

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-PSYCHOLOGY 1 -- Introduction to Psychology Tentative FAIR-GAME SHEET - MIDTERM EXAM Sensation and Perception Psychophysics Thresholds (Limen): absolute, difference Detection, discrimination, recognition, scaling Detection – “Is anything there?” Recognition – “What is it?” Scaling – “How much of it is there?” Discrimination – “are these things different?” Thresholds Absolute – weakest stimulus that can be detected reliably, under threshold:subliminal,over- threshold-supraliminal, light bulb-brighter or dimmer Difference – smallest difference between 2 stimuli that can be detected reliably Sensory coding Subliminal perception and effectiveness Types of retinal cells and functions Fovea Blind spot Trichromatic theory Opponent-process theory Retinex theory Nature of "color-blindness"
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Unformatted text preview: Pitch and frequency, Loudness and amplitude Conduction vs. nerve deafness Place theory, frequency theory, volley principle Methods of sound localization Vestibular system and structures involved Gate theory of pain Placebo Neurotransmitters involved in pain Endorphins Phantom limb-continuing sensations, including pain, in a limb long after it has been amputated -generally people who learn to use an artificial limb lose their phantoms Olfaction Pheromones Menstrual synchrony Signal detection theory Gestalt approach Perceptual constancies Constancies in vision Motion detection:- induced movement - stroboscopic movement - phi effect Depth perception -retinal disparity -ocular convergence -binocular cues-monocular cues (e.g., motion parallax) Anomalous Motion and explanation...
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Fair Game Sheet 4 - Pitch and frequency Loudness and...

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