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Fair Game Sheet 7 - -PSYCHOLOGY 1 Introduction to...

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-PSYCHOLOGY 1 -- Introduction to Psychology Tentative FAIR-GAME SHEET - MIDTERM EXAM Memory Ebbinghaus & CVC’s -used nonsense syllables (gak, jek, pox) to test how long it took to memorize lists -very early memory research "Forgetting curve" and decay amount remembered decreases as time elapsed since learning increases Nature of iconic memory (sensory store) -memory in organs such as a camera flash, or ears ringing even after hearing loud music Characteristics of working (short-term) memory and LTM -few items (5-7) -lasts short period (20-30 sec) -requires sustained attention, vulnerable to distraction -circulating, aided by chunking -"scratchpad" memory LTM - -unknown capacity limits -includes intentional and incidental memory (intentional memory more effective) -lasting memories occur only after age 3-4) -some memories last a lifetime (permastore) – memories are reconstructed, not replayed exactly Memory types: Incidental vs. intentional -incidental- stuff you just know because you've picked up on it (i.e. details on a penny) – intentional- things that you consciously made a note to remember
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Fair Game Sheet 7 - -PSYCHOLOGY 1 Introduction to...

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