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Geography 5 Part 3

Geography 5 Part 3 - GEOG 5 Fall 2011 People Place...

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GEOG 5 Fall 2011 People, Place, Environment Study Guide for Exam 1 domains of spatial behavior and interaction in human geography – 1 Human travel- coming to class, going to work, migrating; 2 material/energy transport-trucking, wheelbarreling, commodity exchange; 3 communicaiton-movement of ideas or info; interaction-declines with increasing distance accessibility-relative ease with which a destination may be reached from other locations, relative opportunity for spatial interaction, may be measured in geometric, social, or econ terms; distance decay—friction of distance, 1st Law of Geography, typical shape of decay function – everything is related to everything else, but closer things are more related to disant things; critical distance-distance beyond which cost, effort, and/or means play a determing role in willingness of people to travel; complementarity – actual or potential relationship of 2 places or regions that each
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