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Geography 5 Part 6

Geography 5 Part 6 - Hägerstrand model of diffusion-model...

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GEOG 5 Fall 2011 People, Place, Environment Study Guide for Exam 1 spatial diffusion-dispersion of culture trait or characteristic or new ideas and practices from an origin area; medical geography; diffusion vs. independent innovation- ; adoption of innovations; innovation “laggards” – people who adopt innovation last; relocation -from residential relocation or migration; start and place move to other, transfer of ideas, behaviors, or articles from one place to another through migration of those possessing feature transported; expansion diffusion processes -location changes- contact interaction, spread of ideas, behaviors or articles through a culture area or from one culture to neighboring areas through contact and exchange of information; contagious -transmittal of diffusion shows distance decay, direct contact-more imp than mass media; and hierarchical diffusion patterns -innovation jumps over space, connects major node to major node, network of communication; rap in Bronx jumps to LA;
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Unformatted text preview: Hägerstrand model of diffusion-model of contagious expansion diffusion, studied diffusion of farm subsidy-grow certain things, innovation-farmers adopted, some didn’t: Whoa dopts from innovator and where they are located. Diffusion shows distance decay patterns, some adopt early, late, later, introduced monte carlo modeling; Monte Carlo modeling-randomness of gambling, modeling that incorporates rand om process modeling; isotropic plain-flat, isolated-can move in any direction easily, ppl who adopt innovation are culturally uniform; “mean information field” (MIF); modifying assumptions of Hägerstrand model – 1 isotropic plain- flat, isolated-can move in any direction easily, ppl who adopt innovation are culturally uniform; 2-contacts are identical-hears about innovation; 3 distance decay- contacts are most likely to be close by, contacts far away aren’t impossible, but less likely...
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