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GEOG 5 Fall 2011 People, Place, Environment Study Guide for Exam 2 hunting and gathering gathering-fruits, plants, bird eggs hunting-capturing, killing, eating animals-takes a lot of land per person, can populate land b/c not enough resources to support ppl, groups of hunter gatherers, where relatively small; sex-role division of labor: characterized by strong sex-women did gathering, men hunting; origins of agriculture (agricultural hearths): 10000 BC start of agriculture; vegetative and seed planting vegetative-when you bury whole plant, it grows with seed; hybridization: crossbreed plants for desired traits; animal domestication (herding): earliest happened after last ice age(about 8-10k BC);
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Unformatted text preview: Sauer’s Agricultural Origins and Dispersal : agriculture independently innovated in both new, old world, 1 st domestication was as above, talked about plants more than animals; agriculture invented, reinvented several times (first) Agricultural Revolution: 10000 BC start of agriculture; animal domestication, changed lifestyles; innovations in agriculture: irrigation, mechanical tractors, pesticides; Green Revolution (third Agricultural Revolution): pesticides, herbicides, super chemical plants that withstand harsh growing conditions; 1...
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