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Geography 5 2 Part 4

Geography 5 2 Part 4 - GEOG 5 People Place Environment Fall...

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GEOG 5 Fall 2011 People, Place, Environment Study Guide for Exam 2 biotechnology: genetically modified foods; smart agriculture: GPS, GIS knowing where to irrigate, where to plant extensive vs. intensive agriculture extensive-agriculture that requires small amount of labor, less costly per land area- fertilizers, irrigation, pesticides, worth less, supports fewer ppl/area, require more land, farms are larger; intensive-costly, valuable-require more labor, more valuable products, more profits on smaller area, California has a lot Subsistence: Extensive: large areas of land, minimal labor input; nomadic herding; shifting cultivation – slash and burn- cut trees, burn them, use for fertilizer; Intensive: cultivation of small landholdings thru expenditure of great amounts of labor; cultivating rice commercial: farm that produces one thing; buying, selling, range livestock, agribusiness are corporations that own farms; Extensive-low yield, low value products-cheaper to produce, transport; consumption grain-huge
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