Geography 5 2 Part 5

Geography 5 2 Part 5 - GEOG 5 People Place Environment Fall...

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GEOG 5 Fall 2011 People, Place, Environment Study Guide for Exam 2 cottage and guild industries: subsistence economies, everything that wasn’t made at home or by subsistence economy is made by guild or cottage industry; everything-handmade or made w/ help of animals; before 1700’s. cottage-small home based manufacturing, part time, nonspecialized; guild-group of specialist/skilled workers origin and diffusion of Industrial Revolution: origin –England mid 1700s machines, fuel replaces human steam power, water power, cotton textiles first to undergo industrialization, confined to England, slowly spread other places; diffused to dif parts of world, took a while b/c of wars, revolutions-intentional secrecy by English, slowed by about 50 yrs; multimodal freight movement: hauling a truck trailer on a railroad flatcar(“piggybacking”)seek advantages of most efficient carrier for each stage of journey from cargo origin point to final destination thru use of internationally standardized shipping containers, tracked by computers; terminal costs: charges associated with loading, packing, unloading of a shipment, of paperwork,
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Geography 5 2 Part 5 - GEOG 5 People Place Environment Fall...

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