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Geography 5 2 Part 8

Geography 5 2 Part 8 - GEOG 5 People Place Environment Fall...

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GEOG 5 Fall 2011 People, Place, Environment Study Guide for Exam 2 GDI (GDP) vs.GNI (GNP) GDP: production of income of wealth generated within a countries border GNP: wealth, productivity, interaction generated within a company based in one country wherever the company is located around world GNI/GDI per capita; purchasing power parity (PPP):taking wealth into account with what costs are to live Aggregate(multivariate) measures of development; aggregate (multivariate) measures of development: human development index-life expectancy, literacy, school enrollment, gross national happiness; U.N.’s Human Development Index: index that UN uses to rate how developed a nation is based off of countries wealth, GDP, literacy rate, death rate, etc.; north-south line: MDC/Developed(North) vs LDC/Undeveloped(South); more developed and less developed countries (know general world patterns); core/periphery/semi-periphery: core:central to world economies, politics; periphery:underdeveloped, labor, raw materials to core economies
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