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Geography 5 2 Part 10 - work wk flight industry to cheaper...

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GEOG 5 Fall 2011 People, Place, Environment Study Guide for Exam 2 effect of accessibility and land value on the internal structure of North American cities: further away from center of city, land becomes more extensive; intensive and extensive land use in cities: commercial>intensive residential>residential>agricultural; Central Business District (CBD): core of city =urban nucleus; pattern of population density in cities; modal ring shift:ring of highest pop density across center; urban land-use/social demographic patterns (internal structure): social status, family status, ethnic status, physical structure concentric zones (circles), sectors, multiple nuclei; suburbanization: movement from center role of transit in suburbanization: allowed suburbanization, ppl could live away from center, travel to work, enterainment; reasons for post-WWII increase in U.S. suburbanization: ascendency of automobile, reduction of
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Unformatted text preview: work wk, flight industry to cheaper periphery, gov-sponsored housing loans, baby boom, new values, attitudes “American dream”; problems of suburbanization: deterioration of inner city- loss of tax base, lack of support/decline in mass transit-automobile congestion, sprawling(leap frog) development-loss of farmland, everything looks same; suburbs as bedroom communities: used to just be for sleeping; gated communities; edge cities: suburban nodes of employment, econ activity, high rise office space, corporate HQ, shopping, enterainment, hotels layout designed for automobile travel; exurbia (counter-urbanization): moving out of urban, suburban areas to rural; gentrification and demographic inversion (counter-suburbanization): gentrification-upgrading of inner-city neighborhoods, resettlement by upwardly mobile pros 1...
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