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Cognitive Regions - It is densely populated and rains...

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Cognitive Regions Part 1: The California regions separated are all according to weather. Northern California has warm weather. Compared to Northern California, Southern California has mild to hot weather but is not humid. The Central Valley and the Desert are hot and dry. The Coast and the Bay Area have cool and foggy weather. Part 2: The characteristics associated with the Western US are that it is liberal, the people are relaxed, and it is less densely populated. The weather is generally nice and warm and earthquakes are common. On the contrary, when I think of the Eastern United States, I associate it with wealth and snobbish people.
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Unformatted text preview: It is densely populated and rains frequently. Washington DC brings up the thought of politics. Part 3: 1-Settled city 2-Warm and inviting 3-Soothing waves 4-Pleasant and uplifting 5-Lively presence 6-Calming end 7-Vibrant splashes 8-Quiet and mellow 9-Open and majestic 10- Bright and amusing All the postcards give the viewer an inviting feeling to the Santa Barbara region, and represent the idea well. When the thought of Santa Barbara is given, I think of the beach. The cards emphasize the beach and nightlife of Santa Barbara without leaving anything out....
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