Population Pyramids

Population Pyramids - they both have high fertility rates d The standard of living for Country A and Country C is good while it is poor in Country

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Population Pyramids 2. a. For Country A, the population pyramid shows a stable pattern of a developed country with a good working class size. An underdeveloped country would be Country B because it shows a high birth rate, and as its population ages, people die. Country C shows a developed country with a good working class size and stable growth. Country D shows an underdeveloped country because it has a very high fertility rate and a high mortality rate. b. Approximately 30 percent of women in Country A and D can have children. In Country B, 29 percent of the women can have children, while 27 percent can have children in Country C. In terms of potential growth rate, the women can help significantly increase the population making a huge shift in those in the younger age. Country D, A, B, C are ranked in terms of their potential growth rate. c. In twenty years, Country A and C will remain stable with a slight change in population. However, in Countries B and D the population rate will significantly decrease because
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Unformatted text preview: they both have high fertility rates. d. The standard of living for Country A and Country C is good, while it is poor in Country B and C. In Countries A and C, a small but decent amount of the people in both countries live through their 80’s and the population pyramids for both show low mortality rates. Countries B and C both have high fertility and mortality rates. The population pyramids show that more people die in each age group. e. Switzerland would represent Country A because it is a developed country with a high standard of living and a low mortality rate. Nigeria would represent Country B because it is expanding and has a high mortality and fertility rate. France would represent Country C because it shows stable growth in its population and has a high standard of living, where people live through their 80’s. Kenya would represent Country D because its standard of living is not high and it has a high fertility rate....
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