ACC564 Homework Week 10

ACC564 Homework Week 10 - ACC564 Chapter 20 Homework 20.2...

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ACC564 – Chapter 20 Homework 20.2 a. The problem identifies several reasons for the project's failure, including the following: The project was too large and far too complex. According to one consultant, the systems development process was so dynamic that the failure to complete the project quickly was self-defeating as modifications took over the original design. Management had no clear vision of the new MIS system. As a result, incompatible tracking systems sprung up throughout the company's distributed processing system. Management lacked a strong MIS staff. A qualified MIS staff could have governed the planning and development of the program more closely, improving the chances for success. The consulting firm had little experience. The firm had little understanding of the desired technology: a complex data base that represented the heart of the new system. The project had too many applications . Interdependencies among subprograms and subroutines left consultants with few completed programs. b . Organizational issues that management must address in the future could include the following: Management should develop a unified strategic information plan. Organizations should reinforce their business strategies with a complementary information strategy. If using a data base, management should consider a strategic data base plan to
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ACC564 Homework Week 10 - ACC564 Chapter 20 Homework 20.2...

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