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ACC564 Homework Week 9 - Homework Week 9 Problem 18.1 What...

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Homework Week 9 Problem 18.1 What do you believe is the real cause of Chai’s resistance to computers? Resistance to change is the action taken by individuals and groups when they perceive that a change that is occurring as a threat to them. I believe Chai feels with this new automation the need for her job may be eliminated. Chai may also feel threatened because she is not very knowledgeable of computers and may not be able to perform all the things that she is assigned to do. As a colleague of Chai, how could you help her realize the benefit of computerization and overcome her computer phobia? I would just reassure Chai that computers are a great tool. There are so many great benefits to using computers it’s astounding. Being able to electronically send memos and other paperwork would greatly cut down on things getting misplaced or not sent at all. Let’s take for example interoffice email. This is an exceptional means of communicating with employees if they cannot be reached by phone. As well as setting up reminders for meetings, etc.
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