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Accounting 101 Financial Accounting 9:30am Ticket # 1245 Instructor: Christy Kloezeman Text : Financial Accounting Office :SR340 Spiceland, Thomas, Herrmann Phone : 240-1000 X5524 1 st Edition Hours: M-F 11-12 Website: www.mhhe.com/succeed e-mail :[email protected] Connect Fax: 626-799-1965 Clicker $5 Website:glendale.edu/ckloezem Week Date Subject to be Covered ===== ====== ========================= 1 2/16 Class Orientation Group Quiz 2 2/22 Chapter 2 –Accounting Information System( Measuring Bus Act, Dr, Cr,) Start Monopoly Practice Set Last Day to Drop w/o Note 2/28 3 3/1 Chapter 3 – Financial Reporting Process 4 3/8 Chapter 2 and 3 Con’t TEST 1 (Chap 1-3) 5 3/15 Chapter 4 – Cash and Internal Controls Annual Report(Set One) Due 3/16 Monopoly Practice Set Due Friday 3/20 6 3/22 Chapter 5 - Receivables and Sales 7 3/29 Chapter 6 – Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold TEST 2 – Chapters 4-6 8 4/5 Chapter 7 – Long Term Assets 9 4/12 SPRING BREAK 1
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10 4/19 Chapter 7 Con’t 11 4/26 Chapter 8 Current Liabilities Annual Report(Set 2) 12 5/3 Chapter 9 – Long Term Liabilities Test 3 (Chap 7-9) 13 5/10 Chapter 10 – Stockholder’s Equity Deadline to drop with W 5/15 14 5/17 Chapter 11 – Statement of Cash Flow 15 5/25 Chapter 12 – Financial Statement Analysis Test 4 (Chap 10-12) 16 5/31 May 31 - Memorial Day - No School Review for Final Annual Report(Set 3) FINAL 6/2 Wednesday, 8:00 – 10:00 *You must come to class to get any changes to the schedule. It WILL change. Make the changes on this form. Drop Policy It is your responsibility to drop this class. Do not expect the instructor to drop you if you stop coming. However, you could be dropped due to lack of attendance, poor scores or disruptive behavior. Calculators and Cell Phones Please turn off all cell phones while class is in session. Especially, do not answer the phone in class. Cell phones cannot be used as calculators or opened at anytime during the tests. Calculators will be provided for all tests including the final. Talking Policy The class has a very casual attitude but talking is very disruptive. Because of prior problems a policy has been required. When the instructor asks a question you are expected to answer. However, talking while the instructor is lecturing is rude and will not be tolerated. If talking, you will be warned once. After the 2nd time you will be asked to leave the class. If the disruptive behavior occurs again, you will not be given a warning but just asked to leave. If it occurs a third time you will be dropped from the class. If you don't understand something, please raise your hand and ask the teacher. Usually you are not the only one to have this question. Glendale Community College Academic Dishonesty Policy
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101SPRING10.SCH - Accounting 101 Financial Accounting...

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