BFIN 640 Course Syllabus AU2011-1

BFIN 640 Course Syllabus AU2011-1 - BUSINESS FINANCE 640...

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BUSINESS FINANCE 640 INSURANCE AND RISK Course Syllabus Autumn Quarter 2011 Monday and Wednesday, 1:30 – 3:18pm, 220 Schoenbaum Monday and Wednesday, 5:30 – 7:18pm, 050 Scott Lab Course Website on Carmen Instructor: Dr. Bill Rives Phone: 292-2979 Fax: 292-7062 Office: 248 Fisher Hall E-Mail: Office Hours: To be announced in class COURSE DESCRIPTION This course provides an introduction to the field of risk management and insurance, an increasingly important area of knowledge for individuals, families, and businesses in the global economy. The course is divided into five broad categories: Concepts and techniques of risk management Insurance principles, insurer operations, and the insurance industry Life and health risk management and insurance Personal property and liability risk management and insurance Commercial liability risk management and insurance More detailed topics are examined in each category. Because risk management issues frequently make national and international headlines, the course offers an opportunity to explore topics within the context of practical applications. Guest speakers will be added to the mix from time to time to broaden the perspective on certain issues. The course is designed to serve students who want a broad survey of the field and plan to take only an introductory course, as well as students who want the Risk Management specialization and plan to take Business Finance 741 and 749. COURSE MATERIALS Required Course Text George Rejda, Principles of Risk Management and Insurance Eleventh edition , Pearson Education / Prentice Hall, 2011 We DO NOT support earlier editions of the text, which can differ significantly from the current edition.
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Business Finance 640 Syllabus / Autumn 2011 Page 2 Required Calculator You will need a calculator for this course. We recommend either the HP-12C or the TI BA-II PLUS . Both are excellent financial calculators with easy-to-use pre- programmed financial functions. Guidebooks for these calculators are posted on the course website. If you are planning to major in finance or a related field (like risk management or actuarial science), you should own a financial calculator. IMPORTANT: If you have a scientific (or statistical) calculator, please check the user’s manual to make sure it can perform time-value-of-money operations. We assume you are a proficient user of your calculator (that is, you can use your calculator for any computational task in this course without assistance). Lecture Materials
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BFIN 640 Course Syllabus AU2011-1 - BUSINESS FINANCE 640...

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