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Chapter One Quiz Name _______________________ Accounting 101 5 Points Using a blank sheet of paper, prepare a Balance Sheet, Statement of Retained Earnings, and Income Statement for ABC Corporation dated October 31, 2010 using the below data: Accounts Payable 14,697 Accounts Receivable 24,733 Cash 7,026 Sales Revenue 270,000 Supplies 29,363 Common Stock
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Unformatted text preview: 85,060 Wages Expense 95,000 Dividends 30,000 Inventories 12,031 Income Tax Expense 9,058 Notes Payable 3,526 Property, Plant & Equipment 78,340 Rent Expense 90,000 Mortgage Payable 26,474 Marketable Securities 20,000 Utility Expense 6,181 Advertising Expense 85,751 RetainedEarnings-10/31/2009 57,011 Service Revenue 30,715...
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